Bugs Life Toys Figurine Gift Set Great Cake Decorations


PT Flea’s Flea Circus Bugs Life toys. Find Heimlich, Flik, Francis, Slim and the flea circus accessories. The accessories include popcorn, spool, a jack & barrel

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Bugs Life Toys

Figurine Gift Set

The adorable Flea Circus is all in one gift box! Find Slim, Flik, Francis, and Heimlich along with accessories to make your very own Flea Circus! The back of the box makes into a back drop of the stands for your circus to look authentic.

Flea Circus Gift Set

Back of the box

A GREAT addition to any Bug’s Life or Flea Circus Collection!

Figurine Flik


Francis Figurine


Slim Stick Bug Figurine


Bugs Life Toys Heimlich and accessories

Heimlich with the Flea Circus accessories

  • Size: 
  • Safe for ages: 3 & up
  • Condition: Brand New (never been played with)
  • Manufacturer: Applause

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Weight 8 oz

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