Belle Doll Princess in Ball Gown from Beauty and the Beast


Princess Belle Doll is dressed in her beautiful yellow ball gown and looks as if she stepped off the movie screen as this barbie like doll.

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Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

Princess Belle Doll

Princess Belle doll makes a BEAUTIFUL Doll! Belle is gorgeous in a yellow satiny dress. Belle has beautiful long brunette hair and a fine feature fair skin face. The back of the box reads:

“Belle: An independent, spirited girl, Belle sees beyond the surface and refuses to accept things at face value. By overlooking the Beast’s outward appearance and appreciating his good qualities, she is able to break the spell that imprisons him, and take her place as his Princess.”

A GREAT addition to any Disney, Beauty, Princess and the Beast or Belle Collection!

  • Size: 8″ high
  • Safe for ages: 3 & up
  • Condition: Brand New (never been played with)
  • Manufacturer: Applause

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